The leading objective of SanginiSaheli is to empower women all across the nation, ensuring their well-being and upliftment, giving them more fulfilling lives. Shakti program executes dedicated projects, reaching out to women in need, identifying and resolving setbacks faced by them in terms of health, hygiene, education, safety, livelihood and stability.

Our organization strongly focusses on menstrual health and hygiene awareness in women, legal rights and vocational training. India, with its bustling population sees staggering numbers of women deprived of education and access to basics. We cannot harp enough on how the education of the girl child can positively transform their lives, arming them with more knowledge and confidence to be self-reliant, skilled, generate more income, and raise the standard of living for themselves and their families. A change in the mindset towards the girl child education in India is extremely crucial to reform society bringing enrichment and growth in the lives of the country’s populace.

Shakti women’s empowerment program, creates avenues for the girl child and women to flourish. With the support of our volunteers and local partners, our organization conducts vocational training and entrepreneur building classes educating women in skills to generate income, eradicate their poverty and live healthier, improved lives. We address challenges women workers and entrepreneurs incur by providing mentoring, resources, networking opportunities, access to information and credit as well as business management training. We hope that together we can break the social stigma of the girl child making gender inequality a thing of the past in our country.

Our Women Empowerment Drives

Sangini Saheli organization believes that providing equal opportunity for overall growth and development to all children, women, disabled and less-privileged, is every individual’s responsibility and not just the government’s

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