Our Executive Members

Veena Bhardwaj

Each and every supporter of SanginiSaheli Organization is immensely valuable to us and Veena Bhardwaj is a special jewel in our crown. An ardent humanitarian, social activist, and agriculturist turned entrepreneur, Veena stands out as a highly inspiring achiever and a force to reckon with.  Contributing to the organization as an executive member, Veena has tremendously helped SanginiSaheli from its early days to build and execute our women and children welfare programs. Her great love for children has her very closely involved in our youth welfare projects where she has brilliantly added to the fruition of SanginiSaheli’s goals.

Piyush Mishra

Exemplifying an array of accomplishments in a vast genre of fields, Piyush Mishra lends his insightful expertise to SanginiSaheli as an executive member. Piyush, a post graduate in business administration has been a committed social worker from a young age. Working in the film industry, he exposed challenging social conditions prevalent in India, through his film stories. He like our other Covid pandemic heroes, also helped numerous destitute people, distributing sanitary supplies, food, drinking water, masks, and rations to underprivileged families.

Sherry Pandey

One of our youngest executive members at SanginiSaheli is our high-spirited Sherry Pandey, a mass communications graduate, professional show anchor and digital marketer. Sherry is driven by her passion to serve humanity and aims to enhance over all well-being of the needy. She through her devoted social work has been working toward identifying and resolving basic and complex issues of communities and indigent people.

Yashoda Tripathi

A homemaker turned entrepreneur YashodaTripathi graces SanginiSaheli with her expertise and profound support as an executive member. She has been efficiently active in our children’s welfare and empowerment projects. Yashoda runs her own petrol pump and has also ventured into the retail industry making her well-seasoned in management. We love the positive energy she adds to our organizations programs.

Sangini Saheli organization believes that providing equal opportunity for overall growth and development to all children, women, disabled and less-privileged, is every individual’s responsibility and not just the government’s

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