Education is an imperative necessity for any individual to grow and survive in an evolving society especially during their formative years. A sufficiently educated person will be aware of their rights, social conduct, privileges, income opportunities and medical solutions, while contributing to the betterment of society and filling the role of a valuable, responsible citizen. However, unfortunately there are a copious number of underprivileged youth in India, still living in the darkness of illiteracy and its repercussions, scattered in various cities and villages across the country. To fulfil the vital need for basic education and healthcare for these impoverished children, SanginiSaheli launched our nationwide Ojasvi Ujjwal Bhavishya-youth welfare program, Sanskrit for ‘Magnificently Bright Clear Future’. Under the aegis of this youth empowering program, our organization is effectively running/conducting/leading dedicated projects for youth literacy and well-being.

Project Ojaswi Ujjwal Bhavishya


Tree Plantation

Cloth Dontation Drive

Feeding People

Cloth Dontation Drive

Sangini Saheli organization believes that providing equal opportunity for overall growth and development to all children, women, disabled and less-privileged, is every individual’s responsibility and not just the government’s

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