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Priyal Bhardwaj Founder and CEO of SanginiSaheli, is an avid social activist, commendable visionary, and the epitome of greatness. Every woman adorns many roles during their lifetime, wherein the value of each role is deeply experienced by those connected to her, and Priyal continues to prove absolute excellence in each role she bears. Being a qualified fashion designer from NIFT, Hyderabad, and wife of a gazetted officer she has come a long way from being a socialite to the persevering leader of SanginiSaheli which is currently regarded as one of the most impactful women empowering non-profit organizations in India.

Priyal’s raging passion for humanity drives her motive to run this foundation successfully, where she dreams of making India a safe and livable place for all women regardless of their social stature, location, and age. With her inspiring personality that exhibits/radiates phenomenal determination, Priyal and the team of SanginiSaheli, work laboriously to accomplish their goal of providing proper sanitary pads, medical aid and awareness, education, and other means of help to women across the country. Priyal, from a well-educated family, remembers her childhood days when she witnessed her family help needy women and girls in the neighborhood. She, from that early age, realized that there are so many female children and women who are deprived of basics in their lives. She grew up observing the effects of poverty and deprivation on women and soon established SanginiSaheli to empower, help, and encourage women across India to stand up for their rights and have access to good hygiene, medical and educational provisions. Priyaland her team tirelessly reached out with all sorts of help to thousands of people during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns.

In a world where chaos, suffering, poverty, and disease are daily challenges for many, Priyal Bhardwaj stands out as a beacon of light for the underprivileged. She has remarkably contributed to the progress of our society in terms of women empowerment, education, and skill training for destitute women, along with supporting thousands of poor families and providing better living standards for them. Armed with utmost humbleness, Priyal exudes the message of her mission to grow a society where we can proudly say that women are happy, healthy, self-reliant, skilled, and above all, respected.

Achieving extensive accolades for her fervent efforts for this much-needed reformation in our country and making headlines in the news for her compelling work as a humanitarian has fuelled Priyal’s energy to serve humanity even further. She compassionately mentors more people to come forward and join her highly noble cause while spreading the support of SanginiSaheli to as many more locations in India.

Sangini Saheli organization believes that providing equal opportunity for overall growth and development to all children, women, disabled and less-privileged, is every individual’s responsibility and not just the government’s

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